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Testopin-100 MALAY TIGER


Product: Testopin-100

Suitable for: Testosterone propionate

Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)

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Chemical composition


Testosterone propionate is an oil injection of testosterone, testosterone added to the oil with the 17-beta hydroxyl group-propionate ether androsten-3-one, 17β-ol, androgen, the half-life is 24 to 48 hours, the chemical structure of C3H6O2. Propionate is the most rapid preparation of relatively esters, cypionate or enanthate. The nominal concentration of testosterone in this ether leaves 83 mg per 100 mg, therefore, the remaining 17 mg is the mass of the propionate ester itself. Ether propionate is poorly tolerated, as it causes irritation at the injection site. In this regard, some pharmaceutical companies have introduced the fatty acid ester (ethyl oleate) into the main formulation, which is obtained due to the condensation of oleic acid and ethanol. In this regard, irritation at the injection site is almost not manifested.


Testosterone Propionate Course


Propionate is used both “on drying”, and during the set of mass. Since this drug detains less water in the body than other esters of testosterone, and also promotes fat burning, athletes use it primarily during drying.

Propick allows you to increase muscle mass, blocks catabolic effects, increases strength and improves the relief of the body. Due to the fact that this drug delays water in small quantities, the increase in muscle mass occurs gradually and evenly, and the muscles themselves are sufficiently high-quality and dry. Even a light solo course, for 6-8 weeks at 50 mg every other day, will allow a newcomer to gain 2-3 kg of quality meat.

When ingested, propionate is rapidly absorbed, raising the level of anabolic hormones in the blood. Literally 3-4 hours after the injection you can feel vivacity and a burst of energy. The maximum concentration in the blood of this drug is 24-36 hours after the injection.


Side effect of testosterone propionate


Any drug gives its pobochku. From this you can not escape, but you can always prevent their education. Many athletes complain that there is pain and redness at the injection site. That’s why you can not stab the vaccine in the same place. If seals are seen, then it’s best to take a break. Again, it is important to correctly administer the drug and use only disposable syringes. Elementary non-compliance with hygiene will lead to disastrous results. Any athlete can infect the infection. Therefore, vigilance is not recommended.

Because of the hormonal release, the skin becomes more oily. This leads to the formation of acne. It is important to observe hygiene and take a shower after every strength training. Otherwise, acne will develop rapidly. After the drug is discontinued, the skin will regain its original appearance.

Hair bulbs show themselves in different ways. Someone starts balding, and some notice active growth. Everything depends on the individual predisposition. Lowering the natural level of testosterone is characteristic of any anabolic. The body is restored after two months. You can always help your glands by applying additional medications. During this malfunction, depressions and antipathies for training are possible. This is a normal fee for a quick increase in your own muscle mass. The main thing is to prepare beforehand for these difficulties, otherwise tremendous losses will begin in the muscle mass.