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Suitable for: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)

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Turinabol is an oral anabolic steroid, never seen in the form of injections. If you turn to history, then you can say that the drug was originally developed in the 60’s and was released in the US. The main task of the manufacturer was to create an effective oral steroid, which would not be inferior to Methane, but also did not retain liquid.

In a series of experiments, scientists were able to achieve a steroid that had the same strength as the famous Methandrostenolone, but was safe, like Oxandrolone. The output was a steroid with a high level of safety, which can be used by both novice and experienced athletes. Now Turinabal is shouted out by many factories on manufacture of sports dope. This is more fully justified, because many athletes well understand that they can buy a drug that does not provoke side effects and gives a good increase in dry muscle mass.


Turanabol how to take?


Having received my long-awaited parcel, I would take 40-50 mg each. Turinabol per day, divided the daily dose into 2 divided doses. One in the morning, three in 10 hours after the first. Would take in 20 minutes. Before eating, with plenty of water. I would take this drug for six weeks. And after the end of the course, I would drink tamoxifen for 3 weeks at 20 mg., Per day and with impatience jal the next course, in which I would combine a tourist with some testosterone propionate. A bunch of 50 mg of turinabol is also very good. Per day and boldenone from 400 mg. in Week. This combination will allow you to gain the most dry muscle mass. Some people recommend combining turbanabol and stanazolol, but I would not recommend this to you, there is a negative experience with this technique, which I will write about below. More advanced schemes of courses using turanabola (turanabola), you can find out in our store by writing to us on one of the contacts.

Possible side effects depend, as a rule, on the dose and are differentiated by sex. In women, depending on the predisposition to the phenomena of masculinization, their appearance is possible in doses exceeding 20 mg per day and with a long reception of the drug. In men, the production of testosterone may be greatly reduced. Judging by experience, gynecomastia in OT is extremely rare, and the effect on the electrolyte and water balance is generally not very noticeable.