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Suitable for: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)

Package: 10 ampoules (50mg/ml)

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Anabolic steroid Stan-Max is one of the most popular anabolics. Initially, it was taken by athletes from athletics, in order to improve their athletic performance. However, over time, stanozolol began to take and bodybuilders.

Stan-Max itself is a unique anabolic. Being a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, its molecule contains not four benzene rings (like the rest of the chemical steroids), but all five. Another important feature of this drug is also that it is a progesterone antagonist. Due to this property, stanozolol is practically indispensable in cases where it is necessary to suppress the progestogenic activity of other anabolics.

The drug Stan-Max has 2 forms of release – oral and injectable. Unlike other similar steroids, such as retabolyl, injection stanozolol is an aqueous solution, not an oil solution. In general, oral and injectable preparations are practically the same. Their action is identical.




The course of Stan-Max gives the following positive effects:

  • Allows quick disposal of fat deposits, including in difficult places, such as the stomach or thighs.
  • Helps reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat. Accordingly, it allows you to give the muscles a relief.
  • Helps to give muscle fibers stiffness. Against the background of relief and venous this effect is particularly pronounced.
  • The drug makes it possible to achieve an increase in quality muscle mass in the absence of fat.
  • There is no effect of fluid retention in the body.
  • A good enough anabolic background is created, which accelerates regeneration both after injuries and between normal workouts. This is especially true before the competition.
  • Increases strength and endurance.
  • Is completely safe. Of course, if you misuse, no one will give any guarantees.
  • Perfectly combined with any steroid means. However, this does not mean that you should start “all the hard” by experimenting. It is important to choose the best course for yourself, having the approval of specialists and not “jumping” from one drug to another.

For men, the usual dosage of Stan-Max is 15-25 mg of tablets per day and 25-50 mg of injection per day (depending on the price and quantity). Depending on the desired result, it is often combined with other steroids. To build up, stronger androgens, for example, testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol 50, are added. In this case Winstrol balances the cycle, creating a good anabolic effect and reducing the estrogenic effect.

As for the side effects, then, judging by the reviews, Winstrol injected them is not famous. The main thing is to use the drug correctly, without injecting 5 times a day. And not yet extending the course up to a year or two, wanting to preserve the result forever. It will not do it better, but worse – it’s very possible. Before considering where to buy Winstrol, it is recommended to take into account the rules of its use. Perhaps, for you they will not do. A number of unpleasant consequences opens up the dryness of the joints and ligaments.