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Like many other steroids, stanozolol was originally developed for medical purposes, namely the treatment of anemia, and it was also used to accelerate recovery from surgery and for veterinary purposes, as the drug excellently increases appetite and rises dry muscle mass, it began to be in demand by athletes and Bodybuilders.

This steroid can be considered to be more elite than methane, for example, since it has almost no aromatization and it does not retain water in the muscles. It gives explosive power when doing exercises, which is very good for running at 100m, or doing exercises in the gym. In bodybuilding, they are most often used by athletes of average and professional level, since it makes sense to take it if initially the athlete has gained body weight, just here he will manifest himself fully, will give the body dryness, improve pumping in training.

Its only drawback, which is perhaps worth mentioning, is that it dries joints, you may think it is a trifle, but believe me, with time you will increasingly listen to your body and such an uncomfortable phenomenon as joint pain should be avoided initially. More experienced athletes avoid this disadvantage by combining the course of stanozolol with other drugs that lubricate the joints well, with testosterone propionate, methane and decoy.

For women, this drug is not recommended, because it leads to virilization at high doses.

To get the maximum result from stanozolol, you should stick to the protein-rich diet and cut down the carbohydrates in the right proportion (you will find more information on nutrition in our forum) so that your muscles get a drawing. The oral form of stanozolol is found in the blood for 3 weeks after the end of the course.


Rexobol 50 course


When preparing a course, it is worth considering your state of health, if you have previously noticed pain in joints or were injured, then it is required to supplement stanozolol with other drugs that will act as lubricants for the joints. The course is 6-8 weeks, and the drug begins almost instantly, and lasts for 8 hours. In oral form, we recommend that you divide the drug into 2 to 3 doses (lay the tablets under the tongue and dissolve until completely dissolved). Very much to the place will do intake of one of the dosages directly for 20 – 30 minutes before the actual workout.




Dosage is always very individual, for an athlete’s initial level it is 30-50 mg daily.


The main properties of the drug Rexobol 50


►Set of quality musculature

►Improvement of the musculature

►Fire burning

►Development of explosive strength and endurance

►Do not flavor the drug