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Suitable for: Testosterone undecanoate

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The first drug, which contained a stable testosterone molecule in its composition, was developed back in the twentieth century and was intended for the treatment of breast cancer in women. But over time, this drug has lost its purpose in oncology because of its pronounced side effects on the liver, and has become widespread among bodybuilders.


Features of Vermodje Restaver


The new drug Vermodje Restaver contains in its composition a unified testosterone molecule that is perfectly absorbed in the body and does not destroy liver cells, because during absorption it immediately enters the lymph and not into the bloodstream.
The instruction to Vermodje Restaver indicates that getting into the body, its main constituents of the drug, and produced an active metabolite of testosterone. This active ingredient does not undergo aromatization, does not affect the level of estrogens in the body, does not cause gynecomastia and does not promote the accumulation of fluid in the muscle tissues. In addition to the positive effects of taking testosterone undecanoate, in addition to its price, include:

– Gradual and steady increase in muscle mass
– Libido lifting and frequent erections


How to take Vermodje Restaver


According to the instructions for the use of testosterone undecanoate, for good results in a set of muscle mass, the drug should be taken in combination with other steroids, for example, nandrolone. Such combination of drugs is safe enough for health, highly effective and does not cause side effects. Numerous testimonials about testosterone undecanoate confirm its effectiveness, but it should be taken according to instructions.