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Primoprime is an anabolic steroid of prolonged action. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, more precisely, dihydrobaldenone. The drug has weak anabolic properties, differs from other anabolic steroids with the most insignificant androgenic effect.

The active ingredient (methenolone) is supplemented with ether (enanthate), due to which the product dissolves slowly from the injection site. This allows to increase the period of primobolan activity up to 14 days.

It is produced in ampoules (injections) and in tablets. However, tablets are much inferior to injections, both in effect and in cost.

Steroid profile Enhance protein synthesis and increase muscle fiber hypertrophy (gain), that is, the anabolic effect of the drug is 88% of the main male sex hormone; Androgenic effect, that is, the ability of the drug to cause such phenomena as masculinization and virilization is 44% of testosterone, which makes the drug more preferable for the female; Hepatotoxicity from primobolana – sufficiently weakly expressed, having a weak effect on the liver; The time interval for which it will be possible to identify the drug in human blood is up to 100 days from the time of taking methenolone in the form of tablets and up to six months with the administration of Primobolan in the form of injections. Serum concentration of the substance (total body content) is halved – from 5 to 20 hours in the form of tablets and from 4 to 7 days in the form of an injection; The method of administration is oral and injectable; In addition, Primo does not aromatize, so there is no need to use aromatase inhibitors. At the same time, the risk of an increase in the mammary gland with concomitant hypertrophy of the glands and fatty tissue is reduced to zero.


Benefits of Primoprime:


  • Minimized rollback;
  • Not prone to aromatization;
  • Does not hold water in the body;
  • Does not increase the fatty layer;
  • Effective for drying and qualitative muscle growth;
  • Effective to exit the course with heavier drugs.



Side effects:


Like enanthate, methenolone acetate is one of the safest steroids available on the market. Recommended for use for this reason can not only beginners and experienced athletes, but also women in sports.

Of the possible side effects are: rare androgenic disorders with predisposition, violations of the liver at high doses, sleep disorders, increased pressure, headaches.


Course of admission:


The course of methenolone acetate is best suited for drying cycles (for maintaining muscle mass and obtaining relief). The mild action of the drug requires a long course (up to 6-8 weeks), however, with increasing duration of administration, the risks of side effects increase.

The dosage of methenolone acetate for the athlete is 50-100 mg per day. For women, doses can reach up to 50-100 mg per week. Such amounts are almost certainly safe and will not lead to the development of symptoms of virilization.