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Vermodje Proviron-ver is a drug based on the synthetic testosterone ester. It is a steroid with moderate androgenic properties, without manifestation of anabolic effect. For medical purposes, this drug can be used to normalize the patients, with insufficient production of natural testosterone. That is why, most athletes who have resorted to taking proviron, use it as a restorative, completing the course of anabolic steroid drugs that suppress the production of this hormone by the body.
The drug Vermodje Proviron-ver does not have any effect on the production of the male sex hormone, but, to some extent, it is able to compensate for its deficiency, during the normalization of the functions of the reproductive system. In this way. The athlete manages to prevent the violation of potency, temporary infertility, decreased desire and other problems caused by long-term intake of drugs that contribute to a significant increase in muscle mass.
Proviron-ver (Mesterolon) is also an estrogen antagonist, helping to reduce the risk of a number of side effects caused by high activity of estrogens in the athlete’s blood. Thus, it is expedient to use it, together with steroid preparations having a high degree of aromatization. However, do not expect that taking this medication will help maintain the gained weight, at the end of the course, or show some more actions regarding the recruitment and retention of the mass. His appointment, in bodybuilding, is completely different.


Recommended dosage of Vermodje Proviron-ver


Proviron-ver should be taken in strict accordance with the instruction and observance of all norms and regulations. In this case, very high efficiency of the substance is noted. An experienced athlete, to achieve the desired result, it is enough to take only 50 mg. Substance per day, dividing this dosage into two doses, 25 mg each. each. In the latter case, the reception should be done twice a day: morning and evening.
Combined intake of the drug, in combination with nolvadex, is allowed, based on: 50 mg. Vermodje Proviron-ver at 20 mg nolvadex per day. Thus, it is possible to almost completely suppress aromatization of anabolic steroids and minimize possible side effects. Also, a very good result is the reception: 50 mg. Proviron and 500-1000 mg. Fludestrina with a day.