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Product: Trenbolone-75

Suitable for: Trenbolone acetate

Package: 10 ampoules (75mg /ml)

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Trenbolone 75 – the active active substance of trenbolone acetate – makes the preparation an excellent precompetitive steroid. In comparison with testosterone, Trenbolone has higher anabolic and androgenic properties. High androgenic properties (almost twice as strong as testosterone) provide additional “dryness” to the athlete with a little excess weight. High anabolic properties (almost four times more potent than testosterone) allow the muscles to have an expressive voluminous appearance after the end of the course. Trenbolone is most effective for a low-calorie diet enriched with a large amount of protein. It is also used not only as a means to improve the relief, but it can also be successfully used for the collection of quality muscle mass and strength. In this case, which is very nice, without puffiness, which is attached to testosterone or other steroids. In a complex with Anavar, the drug enters the power cycle for those lifters who do not want to move into the next weight category.


Statistics on reviews of athletes


In general, according to reviews, you can say that the drug is like – 90% responded positively and only 10% negatively. This is natural, any steroid can not be suitable to all athletes at the same time, as there are some individual differences at the level of physiology. Many people are attracted, as a plus of terbolon, this is the quality of the musculature received (91 – 9%) and practically no rollback (80-20%). As for the side effects, statistics show that 50% of athletes have some negative consequences, and 50% do not. Further in favor of the drug – its availability. At cost – 40% of respondents are satisfied with the price, 60% consider it expensive. You can tell from the statistics of Trenbolone 75 is a very attractive steroid.