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Product: Trenaver 200 vial

Suitable for: Trenbolone enanthate

Package: 10ml vial (200 mg/ml)

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Among domestic athletes, the Trenaver  from Vermoja is very popular. This is a powerful and effective anabolic, created for mass gain. Learn about the application of the Trenaver .

The anabolic properties of  Trenaver significantly exceed androgenic properties. Many athletes like the lack of ability to convert into female hormones in the trenbolone. The Trenaver  is based on the active substance – the enanthate of the trenbolone. Also note the fact that the price of the trainer 200 is designed for a wide range of athletes. Actually it concerns all production of the Moldovan manufacturer Vermoj. The capacity of the vial is 10 milliliters. Each milliliter contains 200 milligrams of the active ingredient.


Application TRENAVER 200


Especially for female athletes we say that you do not need to use the trainer. For men, the dosage of the drug is between 200 and 400 milligrams. This is a weekly dose. Most often the course of the drug lasts about two months.

To increase the effectiveness of the entire course, the recommended dose of  Trenaver should be divided into three or at least two doses. Also say about the excellent compatibility of the drug with other steroids. If you need a quality mass, then the best bunch for you will be trenbolone + stanozolol. Well, for rapid mass gain, use testosterone and nandrolone.

This is exactly what many professionals do, using together with Trenaver  the deco and enanthate of the male hormone. In doing so, they use long cycles, which can last about 15 weeks. If you do not plan to perform, then you will be enough and a two-month cycle.


PCT after the course


Restorative therapy can not be started earlier than two or even three weeks after the last anabolic injection. Immediately we will say that the use of tamoxifen on PCT is undesirable. Use in this period clomid. The duration of PCT is usually about one month.