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Product: Testover P vial

Suitable for: Testosterone propionate

Package: 10ml vial (100 mg/ml)

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Testover P belongs to the group of testosterone esters. The active substance of the drug is very popular among athletes due to rapid elimination from the body and a low duration of exposure to the body. This allows you to take it in bodybuilding just before the competition, without worrying about doping tests.
Unlike other commonly known esters of testosterone – enanthate and cypionate – propionate has a more gentle effect on the body and much less delays water. The immediate effect of the Testover P is manifested in the increase in the muscle mass of the athlete, in the increase in the relief and stiffness of muscles, in the rapid growth of strength indicators.


Side effects


Testosterone propionate is very quickly converted to dihydrotestosterone and estrogens, and therefore can cause a number of androgenic side effects at high dosages and an incorrectly formulated intake schedule: baldness, masculinization in women, prostate enlargement, hirsutism (increased body hair growth), gynecomastia and acne. To avoid Tespover P side by side, adhere to the recommended course and do not overstate the dosage.


Testover P Reviews


For a long time using the drug as the main pharmacological agent, numerous reviews about Testover P from Vermodje have accumulated. All of them characterize the steroid as “soft” and not causing side effects.

Reviews about Testover P speak about its high efficiency as a preparatory tool before the competition. Athletes note that stopping testosterone propionate 2 weeks before doping control avoids problems.