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Testosterone cypionate is a relatively long testosterone ester that is very popular in the US, as it was widely available and at a reasonable price. Many athletes are ready to swear that cypionate is much more effective than other ethers. Actually, only the concentration of the active substance, the length of the ether, the longer the ether, the less the pure substance, we get and the stability of the hormonal background, which depends on the length of the ether and the frequency of injections. And the drug is really good, and to say, testosterone – by right is the king of male sex hormones, which works as physiologically as possible in the human body.


Testosterone Cypionate Instruction


The instruction when using testosterone cypionate on your course is very simple and not complex.

  – To use this dope it is necessary only in the established period of validity on an ampoule.

  – Before injecting testosterone cypionate, it is necessary to warm the ampoule in warm water about 36 degrees

  – To introduce this androgen necessarily with a long needle from five bottles of syringe

  – The injection of cypionate makes deep into the gluteus muscle at the length of the entire needle

  – It is necessary to inject the active substance very slowly up to 40 seconds for the entire injection

  – The slower testosterone cypionate enters your buttock muscle, the faster it will be assimilated further

  – The injection of this long testosterone can be painful

  – Whatever the bumps are formed, it is better to stretch the injection site in the form of a massage

  – Never sit on cold places concrete, benches and floor when you are on the course of testosterone cypionate

  – Do not drive in the same syringe just two active ingredients, for example, cypionate and nandrolone

  – It is better to stab in different days different formulations of steroids

  – Necessarily with testosterone cypionate drink tamoxifen anti estrogen or proviron

  – After the course preparations will suppress and prevent the development of high aromatization


Testosterone Cypionate Reviews


Testosterone cypionate reviews deserve special attention by athletes appreciating strong steroid courses by recruiting just a huge amount of musculature. This androgenic kind of doping will help to quickly develop the physical basic potential to the athlete in parallel helping to gain an extra kilogram of muscle.

Reviews of testosterone cypionate bodybuilders who used this anabolic for 250 – 500 mg. Every week of the course are satisfied with positive. The weight of the dough as a yeast dough is the same, and strength does not lag behind in its development.

The only disadvantage of cypionate is that it is prone to very strongly aromatize and increase estrogen in the blood of the athlete. To reduce it, it is better to include oral stanozolol at least 50 milligrams a day in this course.

The course of stanozolol + cypionate testosterone will give a more dry growth of the entire musculature, making it as hard and dry as possible without the abundant accumulation of water in its structure. Physical strength increase will also be rapidly accelerated and significantly stronger.

In all respects, the androgen steroid testosterone cypionate is a reliable dope for large body weight and the growth of strength results.