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Product: Sustaviron-250

Suitable for: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)

Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

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Sustanon is the most popular anabolic in the modern world, since it includes four testosterone esters. This includes testosterone enanthate, and propionate, and even cypionate. This “rattling” mixture is highly appreciated by athletes, as Sustanon begins to act almost immediately after ingestion. Thanks to this drug the result remains quite a long time (several weeks after the end of the solo course of admission).

Anabolic steroid Sustanon is great for building muscle mass, as it has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect. The effect can be felt the very next day after the start of the drug. Thanks to Sustanon, the body does not accumulate excess water, so many athletes respond to this steroid only on the positive side, and also note the surge of energy and rapid muscle growth.

Sustanon does not aromatize as enanthate and cypionate, so there are practically no side effects. And if there are, in most cases from an overdose of the drug. Definitely one can say one thing, that bodybuilders give their preference to Sustanon.


Effects of Sustanon


  1. Increases muscle mass
  2. Increases (increases) endurance due to increased hematopoiesis. The increased amount of erythrocytes in the blood provides the best flow of oxygen (due to this and increases endurance).
  3. Has anti-catabolic effect
  4. Boosts appetite
  5. Increases libido (at the time of taking the drug)


Importance of post-course therapy Since anabolic steroids affect the hormonal background, post-course therapy can not be ignored. If any side effects start, all this can be prevented by means of a pct. Proper PKT, compliance with all instructions, as well as dosages will contribute to an excellent result. Dear friends, this article is coming to an end, we talked about what is sustanon 250, how to take it right, with what it combines, how to cleanse the body. Remember – steroids, it’s very dangerous, so you need to be with full responsibility, you need to understand that, as well as the most important thing for what it is you need. I recommend to watch an interesting video. Be healthy, you have a good summer days!