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Positive effects Sustabol 250


Some athletes are sure that to obtain similar results it is enough to mix all the esters of the male hormone that are part of Sustabol 250. However, in practice this will not happen, as the pharmaceutical companies use a special technology for this. Since this is a prolonged steroid, then on his course a high and the main even anabolic background is maintained for a long time.

Someone can say that the same result can be obtained from the same enanthate. Quite right, but it is necessary to remember that Sustabol 250 quickly turns into work. In addition, much less water is retained in the body compared to the use of enanthate. Very attractive looks and the cost of this complex anabolic.


Effect and action


It should be said that each of the forms of testosterone entering the sustanon has a different degree of absorption thereby maintaining a constant high level of anabolic hormones in the blood. In addition, sustabol 250 buy ukraine eliminates the need for frequent injections: the effect of the substance lasts long enough (up to three weeks), and the maximum saturation occurs approximately on the tenth day after the injection, therefore, injections are usually administered only once a week.

Each testosterone has the ability to aromatize, so the drug retains water and nitrogen in the muscle tissue, which makes Sustanon one of the most effective and high-quality steroids for gathering strength and mass in large volumes.

Sustabol-250 (Sustabol) in the body is converted to estrogens and, accordingly, can lead to such side effects as gynecomastia, an increase in the percentage of fat, the accumulation of fluid by the body and, in connection with this, increasing blood pressure. These side effects are easily prevented by anti-estrogens.

In the body, testosterone passes into dihydrotestosterone, which can lead to the following androgenic side effects: alopecia – with predisposition (finasteride to help with androgenic alopecia), acne, increased sexual arousal, aggressiveness, lower testosterone production. Harm for the liver from the use of Sustabol-250.