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Suitable for: Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan depot)

Package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Primobol  is a soft drug, anabolic with minimal androgenic effect, active ingredient Methenolone Enanthate. By action on the athlete Primobol can be compared with Oxandrolone or Boldenom, all these 3 drugs are practically harmless to the body, quite expensive and significant weight gain from them does not have to wait.

Anabolic effect Primobol  – 88% of Testosterone

Androgenic effects of Primobol – 44% of Testosterone

Primobol (dihydrotestosterone derivative), since the active ingredient Methenolone is mixed in Enanthate ether, then the duration of Primobol  exposure to the athlete is about 2 weeks. Comparing Primobol  with other steroids we can conclude that Primobol  is more similar to Boldenon, and not to Deco and Masteron. Deca is a more powerful drug than Primobol , and Masteron is more androgenic than Primobol  and therefore has a different effect on the body.


Advantages of Primobol:


  • A selection of selected meat with a suitable combination of steroids;
  • Burns excess body fat;
  • Improved relief and drawing of muscles;
  • Reducing the risk of negative effects from other steep steroids;
  • Absence of pills, even at large dosages;
  • Improves the athlete’s strength endurance;
  • There is no rollback;
  • Zero pain during injection;
  • Can be easily used by girls;
  • Good for both amateur and PRO categories.




After the drug is used, the following negative reactions of the organism are possible:

  • nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea;
  • allergic reactions;
  • convulsions;
  • increased bleeding;
  • depression, sleep disturbance;
  • swelling, pain in the bones;