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Product: Cypionat 250

Suitable for: Testosterone Cypionate

Package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

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Cypionate, testosterone ether, very similar in its effect on testosterone enanthate. The differences between them are small: cypionate is quickly incorporated into the work, and absorbs a little more water than enanthate. Both these forms of testosterone maintain an elevated level of testosterone for two weeks.

Like any injectable form of testosterone, cypionate gives a significant increase in strength and muscle mass, but since testosterone is very easily aromatized, there will be quite a noticeable accumulation of water. This drug is not suitable for periods of pre-competitive training or “drying”. Also, testdecase cypionate can cause gynecomastia, in this case, if you have increased nipple sensitivity, or increases their volume, you should use proviron and nolvadex, which minimizes side effects. In the case of this drug, it is better to use expensive anti-aromatics, such as arimidex.


Steroid profile of testosterone cypionate


  • Classification: anabolic steroid of androgen origin
  • How to use: injections
  • Duration of the drug – 15-16 days
  • Dosages of the drug: Men 250mg – 500mg.
  • Of side effects:
  • Acne (acne): yes
  • Water retention (available): high
  • Aromatization: high (requires antiestrogens)
  • Gynecomastia
  • Hair growth on face and body
  • Male pattern baldness (depends on genetics)
  • Increased sebum secretion
  • Decreased own testosterone production: YES. This is what causes a decrease in the size of the testicles, but do not worry after the PCT their size is restored to their original size).
  • Side effects (Testosterone Cypionate) associated with androgenic properties: acne, aggressiveness, sexual arousal, with predisposition – baldness.
  • Side effects due to aromatization (Testosterone Cypionate) in the body of the athlete: water retention, gynecomastia, increased pressure, increased amount of fat. These side effects are prevented by using Pharmatest-C 250 (Testosterone Cypionate) in adequate dosages and using antiestrogens.