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Suitable for: Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen)

Package: 40mcg (100 pills)

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Pharmacological action of Clen-Max (clenbuterol hydrochloride):


Clenbuterol hydrochloride is one of the types of beta2-adrenoreceptor stimulants (b2) in medicine used as a remedy for asthma, has a half-life of about 30 hours. Due to high absorption, therapeutically effective concentrations are created in the plasma 15 minutes after a single dose and persist for 7-24 hours. It is excreted mainly by the kidneys for 2-3 hours. It is also not a steroid hormone. First of all, Maple possesses an anti-catabolic effect, i.e. It reduces the percentage of protein that breaks down in muscle cells and helps to increase the muscle cell. This property can be explained by the ability of the “maple” to block calcium ions (C ++) involved in the breakdown of proteins and skeletal musculature. Such a blockade path avoids loss of muscle fibers. Therefore, it is recommended to take it to try to block the phase of catabolism and maintain a maximum of strength and muscle mass after the termination of the course of steroids.


What are the side effects of Clen-Max?


When working with a powerful supplement, liquid or injection such as this, there is almost always going to be some kind of side effects that makes using the product with care, which is much more important.

Now, the side effects will vary depending on the personality and size of the supplement that they take.

Like most reviews of Clenbuterol Hydrochloride indicate, side effects can be controlled as long as the taking practice is responsible.

The most common side effect is a nervous feeling and insomnia. Like consuming too much caffeine in a short period of time.

Seizures is another common side effect, so it is not advisable to use the product immediately before any workout or sports activity.

In order to reduce the likelihood of these side effects, or at least help to reduce the level of these side effects, it is important to increase daily fluid intake.

Drinking more water helps to move the product through the system faster so as not to sit and not linger in the flow of blood and stomach.