Product: Aquaviron

Suitable for: Testosterone suspension

Package: 12 ampoules (25mg/ml)


Suspension of testosterone is a water solution, turning off the use of specific ethers. The testosterone suspension is used for a sudden rise in unceremonious power, in MMA. Constantly used before the championships, for the pumping of concentration and aggression. It is better to use oil in the interests of fucking massaging. Suspension of the hormone should not be taken in bodyfitness.


Disadvantages of use


  1. An extremely short half-life means that the peak of the dough is very rapidly declining. If the suspension is used as the basis of the course – it should be set at least two times a day. No longer is it worth it – it’s the pros lot.
  2. To pour water solutions MUCH more painful than oil. This is especially true of underground production. Often the size of the crystals of the suspension is not particularly pulverized, and therefore it is necessary to use a needle from a ten-cup syringe. Not all will go for this.
  3. The suspension is characterized by an extremely high aromatization rating. This is both a plus and a minus simultaneously. Naturally – those who are predisposed to gynecomastia and severe water retention – are unlikely to be delighted with the slurry dough.