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Suitable for: Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

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Andover very powerful oral steroid in its high anabolic activity and androgenic little. , Reactive, active substance oksimetalon. Which is the strongest among all oral preparations.

Anabolic Andover on the course is suitable for experienced athletes composition. Newcomers need to avoid the use of such a powerful type of steroid. That would not harm their health and does not feel the severe side effects of which are capable of oksimetalon.

That would contain flavoring Andover  drink anti estrogens   from the very first day of your course at a dose of at least 50 mg. in a day.

Admission Andover + Proviron simultaneously insure and keep your health from the adverse effects. Stacked muscle mass in such a combination will be drier and quality, with a low percentage of the liquid contents.

Oral Andover oksimetalon desirable to use up to seven consecutive weeks less than that period. Over a period of time your muscle receptors can maximize gain and enough of the molecules of the strongest steroid and give the greatest possible anabolic impact.


Andover effect


Steroid Andover firm Vermodzhe exerts its anabolic effect on the course very quickly and in the most severe form. During use oksimetalona you will proceed following the anabolic processes:

  1. Growth and increase muscle mass and bone tissue as quickly and efficiently
  2. The huge and fast occupancy muscles with blood, strong Pumping
  3. The formation of new blood cells in the form of an accelerated
  4. Physical overall capability will grow rapidly
  5. Metabolism and protein will accelerate and grow under the influence of Andover
  6. Restoration of muscle fiber of his healing will be much faster
  7. Muscle endurance and body will grow by 30%
  8. Power results and their performance will quickly grow and progress
  9. Joints are liberally coated with the liquid, which will facilitate their friction during progressive work in the hall.
  10. Liquid together with the amino acids will be abundantly quickly flow into the muscle cells

Andover reviews


The course Andover feedback is very ambiguous and varied. Many experienced bodybuilders like to use a common set of Andover for the masses, with the content of some water in its base. After which they start, when it reached the desired volume to their relief and painted. To do this, they have used an entirely different lighter   quality pharmacology  example Turinabol.

C can be achieved using only Andover volume, a large amount of mass and strength. A relief is achieved entirely in other preparations.

Andover reviews oksimetalon most athletes are quite normal. It can help you achieve the desired muscle volume even if it is at the risk of side effects and their impact.

Professional athletes Andover put growth hormone, for example  kigtropinom . Such a course oksimetalon + growth hormone very quickly and strongly increases the total volume of muscle in the dry state with a good quality of the muscle fiber.