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Alphabol is an anabolic steroid used internally. Initially, Alphabol was used to accelerate the regeneration and healing of burns, to increase the vitality of the fairer sex, and soon got quite a wide spread in bodybuilding as a substance for the growth of muscle mass, until that time, until it was banned. At the moment there is a lot of information that undesirably discredits Alphabol. Critics exaggerate the influence of toxic characteristics and too understate anabolic activity. And yet, as practice shows, the course Alphabol, which will last for 5-6 weeks at an average dosage of 30 mg per day, will help you increase muscle mass by about 8-10 kg, followed by a loss of 2-5 kg ​​(the so-called Phenomenon of pullback). Rollbacks can be reduced in the case of a correct course.


Features of Alphabol


  • The main possibility of Alphabol is a happy rapid increase in muscle mass, by activating protein synthesis, glycogenolysis.
  • At the same time, the strength indicators
  • The need for nutrition is increasing
  • Not too noticeably burned fat
  • The bone system is strengthened
  • Alphabol has a relatively small androgenic effect (50% compared to ordinary testosterone), and yet it does occur.
  • Studies have shown that the side effects of the drug begin to manifest, usually with an incorrect dosage, namely,
  • When the dose of Alphabol is exceeded by more than 30 mg per day


Alphabol Side Effects




The problem of gynecomastia arises after the conversion of the proportion of Alphabol to estrogens – methyl estradiol, which has a 30% greater affinity for estrogen receptors. To prevent this unpleasant side effect, anti-estrogens are used. These substances are almost 100% effective for preventing gynecomastia.


Toxicity to the liver


As a result of the fact that Alphabol has a methyl category in the 17th position, this product produces a relatively small toxic effect on the liver. The methyl group interferes with the destruction of Alphabol in the liver, and allows the product to be used orally (inwards). This reduces the binding of Alphabol to the sex hormone binding globulin. Used hepatoprotectors.


Other side effects of Alphabol


  • Increased blood pressure. The question will be quickly resolved if taking anti-estrogens and antihypertensives during the course of the course.
  • Increase in sexual activity during the course of the course and a temporary decrease at the end of the course. The problem of testicular atrophy occurs with long courses of drug use with the wrong dosage, when using very high doses of Alphabol.
  • Acne during the course period, Alopecia (loss of hair)
  • At representatives of the weaker sex, Alphabol causes masculinization.